welcome to my world

I have been here for 2 months, everything is new , everyday is challenge, every kid is a little angle, wait a minute, did I say that ? um, forget it.

Anyway, let me to introduce myself a little bit. I am Zhou Jialin, I know it’s difficult to remember, just call me Rebecca, that’s my America name, and I just got to know it is a super old name from Bible. I was the only child in my family so I always feel unbelievable to see a kid has 3 or 4 siblings no matter at school or not.

During these two months, I had experienced a lot of interesting things, first time go tubing at Big Marie Lake in Wyoming( God knows I don’t know how to swim, only been to swimming pool twice ever in my whole life!) with my first host family for temp, go camping  in the Interstate Park close to Wisconsin with my host family now, go riding a Harley motor for the event Cruise for Troops, and do lots of crazy things with my best American neighbor Dave! Lots of things in my heart ,they are my treasures ,  and I will let them become part of me in the river of life.  Oh, it’s 23;06,i have to sleep now, so guys, see you next time, here is my blog, if u want to talk to me, u can write to me… I think , um, people can review under my blog, right? if u can not, u can write to my e-mail, let me think, yeah ,  jzhou@mylila.org.  See u next time. Good night.

Author    Rebecca 周佳琳